One of the bonuses of being published is that I was forced into the world of social media. A world that I’ve had a natural aversion too in the past. Part of my contract was that I start Facebook pages, this blog and a twitter account. I’m really having fun with Twitter. You get to engage with people whom you would never in a million years come into contact with in ordinary life (albeit for fifteen seconds or so). For example, a woman who follows me and whom I’ve followed in return is a “best selling erotic fiction writer”. She tweeted “It’s freezing cold in Yorkshire today. What’s happened?” I couldn’t resist so I tweeted back, “You’re in Yorkshire, that’s what happened” she replied something about it being lovely recently etc. The next day she tweeted “If animals could talk, would we eat them?” (She’s a vegetarian from her profile). Again, I couldn’t resist so I tweeted “depends on what they would say” to which she replied ” I’m glad my dog can’t talk!!!!” So I tweeted “Hope he’s not a Chow Chow”. She probably hates me, but this is too much fun.



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