Love this aspect of Malta! Hope it never changes.

I was talking with a local artist about my book. He wanted to buy one so I suggested we do a swap with one of his water colours and I pay him the difference (my book is €10 over here and his watercolours sell for €15). He refused the extra, so we did a straight swap and I bought him a cappuccino on the waterfront at Marsaxlokk. Today I went to Valletta to get the pretty watercolour I chose framed (I selected a ready made frame and the framer just cut out a second mount and added hooks and chord making it ready to hang). The guy quoted me: “about €24, come back in an hour”. I went back in an hour and was happy with the job, so I reached for my wallet and reminded him “about €24 you said” half expecting him to say that’s €25 please; image“No, €20 please.” This is not the first time people have rounded down for me. Not in a thousand years would this happen in Australia. And I know that the price was not inflated in the first place, because I saw the same type of frame, but the smaller size, and without the mount board/labour, for sale at €15 in the shop.



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