The fires are getting close!

Below is a map showing the nearest uncontained fires near my Australian home in the Blue Mountains, NSW. My house is about fifteen minutes drive to the west of this photograph. My friend, Kim, is out there fighting the fires somewhere. He tells me that he comes home late each night, exhausted. He is a Head Ranger, and so, has the responsibility for the safety of the fire crews. They have been fighting the fires for weeks now, even though the situation has only recently made the international news broadcasts. I hope that they all stay safe. One casualty so far, that I know of, and around two hundred houses destroyed. Kim tells me that only a significant rain event will end this. There is a possibility of showers forecast for the middle of next week and this may help; but it probably won’t be enough. Forecast temperatures in the thirties and twenty kilometre winds will not help.

Mt York (Mt Victoria): Linescan of fire taken at 2pm. Red areas show active fire brighter areas are more





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