Men Crying

Just recently, a third male who has read the stories told me how reading one or two of them brought tears to his eyes. This has brought immeasurable satisfaction and sense of achievement to me, and in a way, justified the effort to write and publish my little book. Not because I like making men, or women for that matter, cry, but because of the initial motivation for writing these stories down in the first place.

I sometimes told people a short version of the first story in the book; Il-Pupa (The Doll). Often, when I told this story about my mother as a girl, I would become a little emotional but feel disappointed that I wasn’t achieving much of a reaction from others. I realized that I wasn’t doing the story justice by delivering it in a simple, short, oral recount. That is the major reason I determined to write it down. The other stories followed, and then I thought, I just might have a potential book on my hands.

So, thanks boys and girls. Thanks for your tears. They mean a lot to me (I hope you get some laughter too).



2 thoughts on “Men Crying

    • Thanks for your interest. My book is a series of seven short stories based on actual events in Malta during WWII, and related to my mother and father as children during that time. The book has created considerable interest (I have been on Maltese TV, the Sunday Times of Malta, book signings and ABC. Radio here in Australia). I think the stories would translate very well in film as there is a strong degree of pathos and humour involved. They also seem to generate interest due to the historical/period piece element as well as the fact that children are the major characters. The book has been published by Faraxa Publishing in Malta and it was the founder who suggested that I contact film agents, hence when you followed me on twitter, I contacted you. I’m not sure what more you would like to know, but would be happy to provide any more information or send you a copy if you think it worthwhile. thanks again.


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