Mr. Dork goes on television?

It’s nice to know that the stories seem to be creating a little interest, here in Malta. Last Tuesday, I was recorded for a TV program about books and authors that is broadcasted on Friday nights on the Malta 2 Channel. I recorded a short, five minute presentation on my book and the motivation for writing it. Apart from getting soaked by a thunderstorm on the way to the studio, it was all relatively painless, albeit a touch nerve wracking. I was asked not to wear stripes, polka dots (how many men wear polka dots?) or any shade of green, as I was to be filmed in front of a green screen which was to have the cover of my book projected onto it. The microphone was attached and after a few tips, we started filming. I got about a third of the way through my delivery, when the camera ran out of memory. So, after a chat with the very pleasant producer for a few minutes, the cameraman returned and we started again. I actually got through it in one take, which seemed to surprise everyone, including myself. But you know, you always think you can do better don’t you. So I asked for another shot at it. This time I “lost it” about half way through. So we decided to go with the original. Hope it turned out okay and I don’t look too dorky.

The producer told me that the show’s presenter already had a copy of the book, so I’m assuming they may discuss it, or at least comment on the writing. That will be interesting. Here’s hoping for a positive review.



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