Leaving Malta for 2013 as a published author!

My stay in Malta for 2013 is drawing to a close. I took advantage of an hour or two break in the weather to have a final swim at St Peters this morning. It was a parting gift (pardon the pun) as the clouds parted and the sun shone for my last visit to my favorite swimming place. I’m now sitting at the airport, reflecting on an eventful and very enjoyable seven months or so. I leave as a published author for goodness sake! If anyone would have told me that I’d be tweeting, blogging and have two Facebook pages by the time I left Malta, I would have thought them crazy. The whole experience of editing, publishing and marketing the book has been a great adventure. Seeing the book on the shelves in bookshops has been really heartwarming and book signings, TV and now, newspaper participation, have been enjoyable new experiences. 

I really enjoyed the few times I got to play and sing too, especially at the Trabuxu Wine Bar in Valletta the night my dad, cousin and friends came along.

I’ve met a lot of nice people during this stay; I hope will turn into longtime friends and I really feel at home here. Now back to Australia, family and friends there (and my greatly missed Fat Lady3 guitar!). Looks like we are about to board for Dubai.

Bye everyone in Malta, see you again in a few months. Thanks for everything.


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