Home ???

Back in Oz now. The trip wasn’t too bad. I managed a few hours sleep in a hotel in Dubai during an overnight stopover, before a welcome/ necessary shower and breakfast. I caught up with some new movies on the plane too, including the new offering from Woody Allen, “Blue Jasmine” with Kate Blanchett. I’ve always loved Woody Allen’s movies and this is no exception. He is getting a little cynical about life, though. I really enjoyed a movie called “Last Train to Lisbon” with Jeremy Irons, too. This seemed a very lyrical film to me; thought provoking and evocative.
Right now, I’m sitting in the Westfield shopping centre in Blacktown, Sydney, taking advantage of the free wifi. You won’t believe this, but two men just sat on the bench in front of me and started speaking Maltese! Must be an omen or something.
My father’s birthday luncheon was brought forward a few days so that the family could get together for my return to the country. The usual loud, animated conversations, laughter and arguments; very Maltese. I’m off to the Blue Mountains, NSW, at the end of this week for a farewell function, check on my house and catch up with friends. My friend, Charlotte, has kindly offered some house sitting in Leura, on and off during December and January, which I have gladly accepted. After the first family get together yesterday, I think I’m going to need some rest bite now and then from staying with my parents.

I really should be thinking about the next writing project.



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