miss Malta already

Looking forward to going up to the mountains tomorrow. The suburb of Sydney I am staying in is not a very pleasant place and living with my Dad…well… elderly parents can be hard work at times. It must be nature’s way of getting back at us for the trouble we gave them when we were children!
There seems to be a lot of rough looking people on the streets of this suburb. In fact, if you do see an attractive person who is also well dressed, people tend to stare. I was in the library yesterday and heard a rough looking woman tell her sweet little girl of about 5 or 6 that she was a “pain in the arse”. I think socioeconomic segregation is intensifying here in Australia. That Obama prediction I mentioned in a previous post is coming true.
The daily news here is oh so depressing. It’s all bad news, almost all the time, and it’s a pretty sad society. Some recently reported statistics: Sixty percent of of police call outs are alcohol related and twenty percent of hospitalisations (that doesn’t count those involving other drugs). Alcohol is responsible for 1/8 deaths of young people and 1/4 people have been verbally abused by someone who had been drinking. A picture of a bloodied and bashed teenage girl was plastered in the media yesterday. She was bashed by her roommate on the Gold Coast at “schoolies” week, an annual event of debauchery for youths who have finished their final, high school, examinations. I know most of us did similar stuff when we were younger, but it seems so much more intense, widespread and out of control now; as if any constraints are all but gone. Parenting would be such a worrying job these days.


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