Couch Surfing 1

I’m staying for a few days with friends in Bathurst, about three hours west of Sydney, NSW. It is a beautiful, large, country town of about 40,000 people.
My friend and I had a swim, spa and sauna in the evening at the local aquatic centre, before dinner. This morning we went for a walk in a nearby nature reserve where we saw a mob of about a hundred Eastern Grey kangaroos bounding along in full flight; a lovely sight.
Bathurst is surrounded by a variety of stone fruit orchards on river flats and we visited an organic cherry orchard this morning. Beautiful, ripe, dark cherries that have never been sprayed. We then had a good coffee at a popular café in town before coming home for a “boutique” beer while watching Australia apply the screws to England in the first cricket test. Life is tough these days.
Bathurst is a fantastic town, it is a University town and so, seems to have an extra dimension when it comes to culture and entertainment. The town boasts an extensive shopping sector, all services (including a major hospital) and lots of nice restaurants, cafés and the like. There is also high quality local produce like fruit and vegetables and a sunny climate. It is a great place to live.
We did some shopping after the café this morning and it looks like coconut and chile prawns for dinner tonight. Back to the pool, sauna and spa this afternoon. I could easily get used to this.
Just one issue, after spending the last seven months in Malta, everything seems so very expensive!Image



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