Marketing and Shortsightedness (not to mention a lack of respect)

I’m trying to market my book, here in Australia. Local libraries seem to be a good way to do this as they seem very interested in participating in events like book discussions and signings by authors. I’m booked for one in Lithgow soon and both the Blackheath and Katoomba Libraries are also interested in organising an event.
The large companies and organisations are disappointing. I couldn’t even find one publisher in Australia who was prepared to read unsolicited manuscripts when I first tried to publish. The best opportunity I could find was one publisher who would accept a presentation on my book which explained who the target market was and why it would be successful in the market place; basically, I had to prove to them that they would make money out of it. Then, if that was compelling, they would agree to read part of one chapter, and if they were still interested, would contact me. I didn’t make a submission. Yesterday, I had a reply from a chain of bookstores that thanked me for my enquiry, but stated that they only accepted books that had mass appeal and were from large distributors like Harper Collins and Random House. I don’t know how any new author gets started here in Australia. Maybe I’ll politely reply to the bookshop chain and respectfully remind them that J.K. Rowling had knock backs from twelve publishers before a relatively small and independent publisher accepted the first Harry Potter manuscript for publication.
Thank you Malta, thank you Faraxa Publishing and thank goodness for social media.





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