It feels good to give a little back.

The best thing about having my book published is the effect it has had on my parents. Seeing as they are the main characters in the stories, that is very satisfying. They are very proud. My mother’s education lasted only as far as third class, primary school, while my father got as far as fourth class, primary. I was the first in our entire extended family to graduate high school, let alone achieve an honours degree at university.  To write a book and have it published is incredulous to them. It is the first book either of them have ever read.

My mother used to carry a piece of paper in her purse with the name of my degree and diploma on it, in case she got into a conversation with someone, so that she could tell them of my accomplishments. She now cherishes the book I gave her with the message I wrote in it for her. My father has become something of a celebrity at La Vallette, the Maltese social club in Blacktown that he often frequents. He has sold twelve of my books there!



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