A good ear for music but hilarious

Conversation with my 82 year old father who is visiting me in Malta, this morning at the “Piadina Cafe”, Valletta.
Dad: “This music has a nice beat, doesn’t it.”
Me: “Yes dad, it’s reggae, it emphasises the second and fourth beat of the bar instead of the first and third that rock and pop music usually does. This is a Bob Marley song.”
Dad: “Ah, they are always coming up with something new, aren’t they.”

Interesting jazz trio at San Paolo Naufrago Wine Bar, tonight; brilliant drummer. According to my personal taste, probably one of the two best jazz drummers I’ve heard here, in Malta. This guy looked middle-aged, was bald, had a bushy moustache and was wearing a very ill-fitting, white, short sleeved, polyester shirt and black trousers. He looked more like an ageing waiter or office clerk than an excellent jazz musician, but injected his drumming with emotion, colour and variety. His timing was exquisite, regularly building tension then releasing it by tastefully punctuating the beat. Probably a little old fashioned; might say in the Gene Krupa style? And he held the “sticks” in the old fashioned way- I love that. I can’t believe how many very talented jazz musicians are in this country!



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