The Octagenarian Leaves Malta

I had a celebratory whisky or two with my 82 going on 83 year old father, last night. He left Malta for Australia this afternoon. My father is not a drinker, so a whisky usually “loosens” him up a little and he starts talking about the past. It made me think of how many interesting stories there must be concerning migrants, from Malta to foreign shores, that will never be told; a few good books there! He also comes up with some “gems”. For some reason, the topic of “women” came up last night. He suggested that due to the way young women in Malta present themselves in public these days, the word “woman” should be replaced by the word “showcase” in contemporary vernacular. He also made the statement “give a woman a pound of flesh, and she’ll make a bikini out of it”. I have absolutely no idea what that means, but I almost choked on my whisky when he said it. And, I think that would make a very nice epitaph.




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