Introduction to My New Book (completed but as yet unpublished)

Musings and Memoirs of a Middle-aged Misanthrope

The following collection of fifteen chronicles was inspired by a recent event that brought back a flood of old memories- I moved house. Part of that moving experience (pun intended) was dismantling my stereo and then reassembling it again at the new location, which in fact was my old home; stay with me here. On reconnecting all the different parts of the stereo system, my old LP record turntable miraculously started working again after it had lain dormant and inoperable for several years. This piece of very welcome serendipity unleashed a slightly obsessive and pent-up enthusiasm for old vinyl. Playing a selection of my old records, with a good bottle of red wine as my only companion until the wee small hours of the morning, brought on a series of dear memories that I thought would make an interesting collection of short stories. Anyway, I had little choice other than to record these reminiscences as I felt a frustrated writer’s strong and compulsive need to write them down. The next morning I started writing and had a lot of fun in the process. Scattered among these cherished memories, are short stories concerning recent problematic events and frustrating experiences, as narrated by a grumpy, middle-aged man.



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