Thanks Dan

It is always gratifying and highly appreciated when receiving positive feedback. A message like this is very touching:

Hi Rupert,
My name is Daniel and I live in South Australia to a Maltese born father, Michael Grech. I was recently researching a planned holiday to Malta this year and I was looking up Maltese travel books and somehow managed to stumble on your book, “stories my parents told me”, and I was able to easily purchase a copy through the book depository. I am writing to thank you for sharing your families stories. My father immigrated to Australia when he was 7 in 1954 and sadly lost his father when he was only 14. I never had a close relationship with my Nana, and she has since passed. Your stories have made me appreciate what it would have been like through the war in Malta. I most enjoyed the story of the grape stealing. I related to your grandfather, Carmelo’s reaction, as I myself am a police officer and also a protective father.
I have now passed the book on to my daughter, who is 11 years of age. She is enjoying the book and also gaining insight to the country we will visit this September.
Thank you, I truly appreciate you sharing your stories, which have somehow answered questions I have about my families past.
Dan Grech



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