The Octogenarian Returns

# Conversation with my 84 year old Maltese father.
Dad: What’s your new book about? Is it about Malta during the war, like the first one?
Me: No. It’s a collection of short stories with a humorous theme to them.
Dad: But what’s it about?
Me: Well, it’s not about anything, really. The premise is that a cranky middle-aged man moves house. He gets drunk one night and plays some music on his sound system that remind him of some funny stories. He writes the stories down. Every second story in the book is about something funny which happens to him in his present life.
Dad: So, is it about you?
Me: Well, sort of. But not really.
Dad (puzzled): Will people want to read about you?
Me: Like I said it’s not really about me. It’s more about funny situations and experiences that people can relate to in their own lives. A bit like when a comedian on TV talks about things that involve him, but it could be about anybody.
Dad (very puzzled): I think you should write another book about Malta during the war.
Me (sigh): Yes dad.


2 thoughts on “The Octogenarian Returns

  1. I publish The Voice of the Maltese in Australia and I like to reproduce this story and promote his book, maybe he can get in touch with us as well. 02 96319295


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