More adventures from Harry


Harry on his way to Spain recently

My 84 year old father, Harry, accidentally locked the remote control that opened his automated garage door, in his car which was parked inside the garage. He was distracted and locked the door from the control on the wall, on his way out, after washing his car. Both the car and the remote were now locked inside the garage.
So what did he do? Did he call a locksmith or an automatic garage door place? …No. Did he ring me or someone else for help? …No. Did he ask a neighbour to help break into the garage? …No.
He used a chair to step up onto the kitchen bench top. He then used a carving knife (his tools were locked inside the garage) to cut a hole into the ceiling, somehow climbed up through that hole into the ceiling, crawled along inside and across the roof until he was over the garage, where there is a manhole. He lifted the manhole cover, which was fortuitously over his car, lowered himself down through the manhole onto the roof of his car and then made his way onto the ground, retrieved the remote and opened the door. That’s Harry.



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