About the Author

_MG_1559Rupert Grech is a first generation Maltese-Australian writer and equities trader, born of post-war immigrants to New South Wales (NSW), Australia, from the small Mediterranean island of Malta. During childhood, he lived in the low rent suburbs of inner Sydney, eventually moving to the west of the city. Rupert graduated with both a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Diploma in Education from the University of Sydney, during which time he also played A-grade Rugby League and was selected to try out for one of the professional clubs. However, he chose to teach in the country region of NSW. Rupert returned to his studies and completed an Honors degree in Human Geography at the University of New England, Armidale, with his thesis addressing the issue of chain migration between Malta and Australia.

After teaching Business Studies, Legal Studies, and Geography in schools for five years, Rupert visited Malta for the first time, learning about his heritage first-hand. He returned to Australia where he owned and managed a lunchtime cafe in the Blue Mountains. After six years, Rupert returned to teaching and eventually became a highly successful principal of two regional schools in low socioeconomic areas. His leadership, along with the implementation of educational innovations in conjunction with his staff team in one school, resulted in a greater than 50% reduction of the student discipline suspension rate and over 48% increase in student enrollment within three years. Rupert also started farming a 114-acre beef cattle property, during which time he repeatedly attained the highest prices for his cattle at regional sales. He later developed the farm and subdivided it into smaller acreages. He also performed as lead vocalist and played the guitar or bass in various bands. In addition, he served as a part-time radio announcer on a commercial radio station and wrote a weekly newspaper column, reviewing live music in his home town.

Rupert is the author of the books Stories My Parents Told Me: Tales of Growing Up in Wartime Malta (2013; Faraxa Publishing) and Musings and Mutterings of a Maltese Misanthrope (2016; Hope & Life Press), both of them containing popular nonfiction short stories in the Melitensia genre. At present, he spends time living alternately in Valletta, Malta and the Blue Mountains, NSW, while trading equities on the Australian Stock Exchange, sometimes working as a film extra, occasionally performing in bars and  writing.


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